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Brooks Park - Community Health - San Francisco

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Neighbors and Friends:


Street Park Project
Sisterhood Farms at Brotherhood Way Project. Residents driven Exciting new project ... Check it out! Click here check out the Brotherhood Way Community Garden web site

Brooks Park Over The Years

The Brooks Home circa 1940

Welcome to Brooks Park and Community Garden!

Community Involvment Is Community Health!

Brooks Park Is A Family Park

Fun Art in the Park

Many Fun Projects

Great Safe Playgrounds for the kids

Many Community Activities

California Native Flowers now Thrive Here!

Irma Marx Plannning in Community Garden

Path to a Picnic Area

Many Community Gatherings

Art at The summit

Native Birds

Community Projects at Brooks Park

California Native Flowers

Bench with Fabulous view of the Ocean

Cob Bench - On Site Art Sculpture

Peter "Crazy Viking" Vaernet
Brooks Park Video Tour

In the video below, Peter Vaernet, who essentially created Brooks Park as we know it today, will lead you on a enchanting tour of the park.

This Park is Dedicated to Our Neighbors in the OMI and San Francisco.
Every healthy community has a Village Meeting Place that all neighbors feel drawn to. Brooks Park is such a Village Meeting Place, where San Francisco residents grow vegetables, enjoy the hilltop wilderness, practice Tai Chi, play ping pong, bocce ball, badminton and volley ball.

Students come to earn community service hours with our Native Plant Habitat Restoration Project, while little children play in the playground.

All humans need nature contact for their mental and physical health, and the natural wilderness of Brooks Park provides this connection. Abundant bird life, trees, rocks and sweeping views of the Farallone Islands and Mt Tamalpais satisfy this craving for nature connectedness.

This space is yours. Please come to visit!

Brooks Park Resources and Information

Learn about Brooks Park below. And more importantly, use our wonderful park

Google Map First of all, where is Brooks Park?

SF Parks & Rec

Brooks Park is a member of the San Francisco Parks and Recreation family of public parks.

Streetcars K Ingleside to Ocean & Victoria, M Oceanview to Randolph & Arch; Bus 29 to Garfield & Victoria, Bus 28 to SFSU
Access via Muni

Brooks Park History
From ownership of this magical hilltop by Jesse and Helen Brooks to the present

Structural Dream Plan - A Master Plan for Brooks Park's Future

Brooks Park's Full Story,

Nick Maffei's Blog Interesting comments and observations

Rose Love's experience Brooks Park "... heaven on earth"

YELP Reviews 4 1/2 out of 5 stars - not bad!

THE BANDIT NOTES cool reflections by Joseph Stubbs logistical info & neat flickr photos

flickr photos unique & fabulous - making the Cob Bench

SF Parks Alliance Information and map

Summary Brooks Park SNRA Management Plan 2002

YouTube - Art in Brooks Park by Professor Terry Marashlian

YouTube - Brooks Park Art and Peter Vaernet Tour

Brooks Park Award, for OMI community leadership Peter Vaernet and in 2007 Safety Network Community Leadership Award
Street Park Project Sisterhood Farms at Brotherhood Way Project ... GREAT new project, Check it out.

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